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Supporting Early Childhood Development through healthy nutrition and an innovative curriculum

Founded in 2018




Supporting vulnerable communities by offering a safe learning environment for children aged 3 to 6, by providing care, by engaging with early grade literacy and by providing a healthy nutrition program.


Amani Community is also supporting children in age to go to primary school through a school fees program so they can pursue their education.

Parents are now free to work to improve their livelihood. 

Founded in 2018, Amani Nursery School is at the heart of the communities of Namakandwa, Bukeeka, Nakilubi and Kangulumira located in Kayunga District in Uganda. Founded by entrepreneurs in the community, it supports over 100 children as of today.

Amani Nursery School is part of a wider ecosystem which first saw the light in 2007 through public health interventions in the slums of Jinja. Today Amani Community has several corporate and institutional partners who support us in delivering quality education and nutrition to the children.

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